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Queen Mary's escape from Lochleven Castle
Afavorite song with accompaniments for the piano forte.

New York, published by James L. Hewitt 239 Broadway

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Put off, put off, and row with speed,
For now is the time and the hour of need,
To oars, to oars, and trim the bark,
Nor Scotland's queen be a warders mark
Yon light that plays round the Castles moat
Is only the warders random shot
Put off put off and row with speed
For now is the time and the hour of need

Those ponderous keys shall the kelpies keep,
And lodge in their caverns so dark and deep,
Nor shall Lochlevns tower or hall,
Hold thee our lovely lady in thrall;
Or be the haunts of traitors sold,
While Scotland has hands and hearts so bold,
Then onward steersman row with speed,
For now is the time and the hour of need.

Hark! The alarum bell has rung,
The warder's voice has treason sung
The echos to the falconets roar,
Chime sweetly to the dashing oar,
Let tower and hall and battlement gleam,
We steer by the light of the tapers beam
For Scotland and Mary, on, with speed,
Now now is the time and the hour of need



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