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Winter 1970


Published by the Connecticut College Alumnae Association.


  • The Paradox of Power - Robert E. Lorish
  • The Bookshop Recommends
  • Did We Really Transform Japan? - Thomas R. H. Havens
  • Images, Reality, and the Myth of the New Deal Presidency - Wayne R. Swanson
  • Poem - Dag Hammarskjold
  • African States: Sources of Political Stability - Marian E. Doro
  • The Cases of Abe Fortas and John Jay - William E. Cebes, Jr.
  • In Search of Morality: the Citizen's Responsibility for Foreign Power - George C. Daughan
  • Conn Currents - Gertrude E. Noyes
  • Connecticut Firsts
  • The National Scene
  • Club Presidents
  • Letters
  • Class Notes



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