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Summer 1970


Published by the Connecticut College Alumnae Association.


  • Alumni Council: The State of the College - President Charles E. Shain
  • Conn Currents - Gertrude Noyes
  • The National Scene - the Editors of the Chronicle of Higher Education
  • The Population Dilemma: Which Way from Here? - Elizabeth Ann Murphy '65
  • An Overview of British Infant Schools - Donna C. Hetzel
  • Business Not as Usual - Betsey A. Greenberg '66
  • Today Everybody Loves "Baby" - Eveline B. Omwake
  • Conn-Quest '70: Ain't Got No - Lois L. Olcott '71, Helene whittaker '72, Michael Ware '72
  • A Block of Time - Isabel Coulter Abell, Sonia Palkes, Nancy Martin Casey '65, Elaine Kerachsky '70
  • In Memoriam: Dean emeritus Alverna Burdick - Marjorie Dilley
  • Elizabeth C. Evans Retires - Mary Louise Lord
  • Class Notes



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