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Summer 1971


Published by the Connecticut College Alumnae Association.


  • In Memoriam: Mary Foulke Morrisson by Percy Maxim Lee
  • A Crusade and Some Crusaders . . . women's lib c.1840-1920 by Mary Foulke Morrisson
  • Restoring Interest in the Values of Civilization by Dorothy Bethurum Loomis
  • Scientific Research and the Undergraduate by John R. MacKinnon, Linda Silverman '72, Beverly DeNofa '72, Adriane Gaffuri '72
  • Digging for Understanding by Jane Burger Cheney '31
  • Rita Barnard Retires by Peter J. Seng
  • Treasures, Risibles, and Incredibles
  • Conn Currents by Gertrude E. Noyes '35
  • Campus Day
  • Letters
  • Class Notes



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