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Summer 1973


Official publication of the Connecticut College Alumni Association.


  • It didn't rain on Commencement Day ... and it didn't rain during Reunion, either - Allen T. Carroll '73
  • Awards: from the college
  • Awards: from the alumni association
  • "...liberal education in contemporary society ..." - Gertrude E. Noyes '25, F. Edward Cranz, Lester J. Reiss
  • Courses by Newspaper
  • The Privilege of Professorship - Ruby Turner Morris
  • A Museum Raises the Roof
  • Carmina Burana-Woolsey Hall comes to Palmer Auditorium - Robbin G. Berry
  • Junior Internship Program - Barbara J. Hatch '68
  • The President's Conference - Sarah Pithouse Becker '27, Barbara Blaustein Hirschhorn '50
  • Fun in the Sun - Kevin B. Kelly '76
  • The Mexican Seminar-Tour
  • In the Mailbox
  • Your Dreams, Your Bridges - James A. Jones
  • Publications by Alumni and Faculty - Mary A. McKenzie
  • In Memory of Margaret Kelly - Elizabeth W. Sawyer '35
  • Jose Limon: to each a valued friend - Warrine E. Eastburn



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