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Winter 1978


Official publication of the Connecticut College Alumni Association.


  • The Art of the Feud
  • ADF in Retrospect
  • Four Giants of the ADF
  • Have Students Changed?
  • The Twenties: Limited Flapperhood - Barbara Tracy Coogan '27
  • The Post-War Years: Were We Really That Innocent? - Roldan Northup Cameron '51
  • The Sixties: Our Revolutionary Moment - Katie O'Sullivan See '70
  • The Seventies: We Dug Idealism's Grave - Elizabeth Pollard '79
  • Everything Changes, Nothing Changes - Alice Johnson
  • Work, Love and the College Mystique - Richard Birdsall
  • Needed: Skill, Perspective, Humor - Robert Lorish
  • In Memoriam
  • Letters
  • Class Notes
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Gifts ...

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