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Official publication of the Connecticut College Alumni Association and Connecticut College.


New Thinking for the End of the Century: A Brain-expanding CC Sampler in Three Parts

  • On Government: American Radicalism: Left, Right and Rural - Catherine McNicol Stock
  • On Government: Defeated by Victory? - Alex Roberto Hybel
  • On Government: Ex Africa Semper Aliquid Novi - Marion E. Doro
  • On Government: Peacekeeping or Military Assistance? - Stephanie G. Neuman '53
  • On Reshaping Society: 2007: A Higher Education Odyssey - Claire L. Gaudiani '66
  • On Reshaping Society: Mitigating the Growing Faith in Superstition - Stuart Vyse
  • On Reshaping Society: Education - For What? - Michael James
  • On the World Economy: Biodiversity Losses - Gerald R. Visgilio and Andrea Canavan '96
  • On the World Economy: Watercolor Globe - James M. Griffin P'98


  • President's Page: Why this issue of CCM provides tranquillity for the soul
  • Word for Word: Yet more professors who changed our lives
  • Campus View: Working with Las Madres; Glitterati on parade; more
  • Chapter and Verse: Postulates for school reform; other new books
  • Verbatim: Solidarity architect Adam Michnik finds beauty in discord
  • Portfolio: "The soul of the land" in the painting of Eleanor Miller '86
  • A Time to Lead: Pfizer helps transform Hale Lab; additional campaign news
  • Class Notes
  • Peers: Coronary care with heart; Gore's advance man
  • Last Look: Here's pie in your eye



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