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Summer 1997


Official publication of the Connecticut College Alumni Association and Connecticut College.


  • Features
  • 489 Reasons to Celebrate Commencement '97
  • Gotcha! Campus pranks that will live in infamy - Patrick Dilger
  • Smoking Gun: On the front lines of the tobacco wars - Lisa Watts
  • STARSTRUCK: Astrophysicist Harvey Moseley'72 - Robert Hamilton
  • Departments
  • President's Page: Merit-based financial aid masks a great deception
  • Word for Word: Retracing the Path to Unity; moved by Las Madres
  • Campus View: A CC prof's forthcoming Lincoln psychobiography has scholars buzzing; could this be the college classroom of the future?; and more
  • Chapter and Verse: Writer in Residence Blanche Boyd's career accelerates with the publication of her new novel, Terminal Velocity
  • Verbatim: Mary Karr and Tobias Wolff "fess up" about their memoirs
  • Portfolio: Photographer Mark Braunstein focuses on Mamacoke Island
  • A Time to Lead: A garden for donors who "reached for the stars"
  • Class Notes
  • Peers: A camel stumps in Brooklyn; a college professer earns kudos
  • Last Look: Fifty years ago: College President Rosemary Park is sworn in

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