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Spring 2001


CC: Connecticut College Magazine is published by Connecticut College. The magazine's mission is to maintain ties between the college, its alumni and all other constituents, and to report on issues of importance to these groups.


  • THE FACES OF 2001: Seniors who transformed their alma mater - Christine Woodside
  • THE BARKLEY L. HENDRICKS EXPERIENCE: Portrait of an American realist - Richard J. Powell
  • MADE BY THE U.S.A.: Professor Alex Roberto Hybel explains the international system
  • HUTTERITES OF MONTANA: Laura Wilson '61 captures the spirit of a people who live outside the mainstream
  • FIVE HUNDRED RUPEES: James V. Banta '93 relates a lesson from his travels in Rajasthan
  • TRANSFORMATIONS: Giving opportunities for the college's Strategic Plan
  • President's page
  • CC: notebook
  • An interview with Duncan Dayton '81
  • Scientist and senator are honored
  • College is 90 years young
  • The Three R's of the environment
  • Luce scholar returns to Asia
  • The SAT: to test or not to test?
  • National Theater Institute takes a bow
  • Science scholarships
  • Revelation in the rainforest
  • Ballroom is back
  • CC: sports - Olympic hopeful Amanda Clark '04
  • CC: class notes
  • CC: ink
  • CC: people
  • CC: scene

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