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Winter 2004


CC: Connecticut College Magazine is published by Connecticut College. The magazine's mission is to maintain ties between the college, its alumni and all other constituents, and to report on issues of importance to these groups.


  • THE FIGHT FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS As director of the women's rights division of Human Rights Watch, LaShawn Jefferson '88 is fighting to change lives around the world
  • VOICES FROM THE CLASSROOM: WHY I TEACH Ten individual faculty members accepted a homework assignment from CC: Magazine: tell us why you teach
  • CONFRONTING THE PAST Associate Professor of Government Tristan Anne Borer explores justice and reconciliation in democratic transitions
  • PORTRAIT OF THE ARTISTS Professor of Art Maureen McCabe and her former student Katy Wood '98 are framed in a new light
  • THE TUNDRA BY THE TANK The lure of research brought Professor of Botany Peter Siver above the Arctic circle with his newfound Russian comrades
  • MY FAVORITE SHOT Nature photographer Daryl Hawk '79
  • Letters, etc.
  • First column
  • Debunking Da Vinci code
  • Examining homecare
  • Professor of the year
  • Roots of healing
  • Benjamin Barber
  • Spatial software
  • Saving energy
  • Vietnam Fulbright
  • United World College
  • Pluralism council
  • Field restoration
  • Fall sports roundup
  • Soccer in Sweden
  • Hall of fame
  • Ink
  • Lives
  • Advancement
  • Class notes
  • Scene

These digital collections have been created from historical documents that reflect the sensibilities of creators in historical times and may contain opinions, language, images, or other content that modern readers may find offensive. The Lear Center and Connecticut College do not endorse the attitudes expressed therein. The Lear Center presents these documents as part of the historical record and recognizes the imperative not to alter it. In some cases, it may be possible to add notes or comments correcting verified errors, but these exceptions will not be applied in a way that changes the appearance of the authentic record.



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