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Summer 2020


CC: Connecticut College Magazine is published by the Office of College Relations. The magazine's mission is to maintain ties between the College, its alumni and all other constituents and to report on issues of importance to these groups.

  • Conn's campus response to COVID-19
  • Disease Control Stephanie Hackett '09 is an epidemiologist at the CDC
  • The Spanish Flu What have we learned about pandemics, asks Professor Marc Zimmer
  • Coping with a Pandemic Assistant Professor Nakia Hamlett on our "harbingers of hope"
  • Art in Lockdown Professor Timothy McDowell on how we see art through the lens of a pandemic
  • Flatten the Curve Inside the hospital with Conn's medical professionals
  • Hope Susan Guillet '94 oversees clinical trials of remdesivir, a potential therapeutic for COVID-19
  • Class Notes
  • Full Stop Pandemic from a NYC window, Illustration by Miles Ladin '90
  • Water Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient Emily Hazelwood '11 talks to fellow ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau about the state of our oceans
  • Fire Tropical forest ecologist Varun Swamy '01 conducts ecological research in the Amazon using drones and social media
  • Air Renewable energy drive economic prosperity and reduces our environmental footprints, says Goldman Sachs' Michael Conti '06
  • Earth Ethan Brown '94 disrupts the food industry selling plant-based alternatives that taste -and look-like meat

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