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Spring 2009


In the spring of 2009 professor Benoit’s Applied Anthropology class conducted a comprehensive study on Connecticut College’s Shain Library. The class met with the library staff multiple times before deciding how to tackle the project. The research question posed was, how do students use and perceive the library? Does the library satisfy student’s needs, and if not what changes could be implemented to better the student body?

The class began by submitting a proposal of our project to the Institutional Review Board, and then proceeded with the investigation. Though the topic as a whole is an examination of Shain Library each member of the class took on a specific aspects of the research. The topics covered range from study habits such as multitasking to how students utilize library resources outside of the library. The class created a DVD of their research and presented their findings to the library staff. This is the complete report of the research to compliment the DVD presentation.



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