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Spring 5-19-2012


Father Laurence LaPointe, Roman Catholic chaplain at the College for 33 years and known to most as "Father Larry," delivers an inspiring address and in his opening remarks, educates those present on the meaning of Baccalaureate.

". . . although the application and audience of the Baccalaureate have morphed over the centuries, the fundamental function remains the same.

First, it is a time for contemplative reflection amid the many activities and festivities associated with Commencement and it draws upon the inspirational writings of many cultures and the diversity of formidable performance skills of the graduates. These days, respecting the religious and philosophical diversity of those participating, the Baccalaureate service draws from a very wide variety of sources for its inspiration.

Second, the Baccalaureate service is also an opportunity for the College to impart some last words of advice to its graduates in its role as alma mater, “Beloved Mother.”

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