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Spring 5-18-2013


Sociology professor Ronald J. O. Flores once collaborated with the Mohawk Nation to offer undergraduate service learning seminar on Native American Children and Youth and shares his insights on this experience with the Connecticut College community gathered for Baccalaureate, an annual celebration of the spiritual diversity of the graduating class.

Of the students in the class, he found that, "by spending time and sharing experiences, by engaging in honest and open dialogue, and by working together in the spirit of reciprocity and equality, they began to see, to feel, and perhaps to understand the injustices faced by those who were once invisible to them. Now, with a civic vision, they proceeded to a newer path than the one they started out on. This path was thorny, bumpy and neither smooth nor straight. But, it was a good path, the right path, as it was the one that led to a more just society."



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