Submissions from 2013


Evaluating the success of seed sowing in a New England grassland, Chad C. Jones, Glenn D. Dreyer, and Nels Barrett

Submissions from 2012


Diversification and expression of the PIN, AUX/LAX, and ABCB families of putative auxin transporters in Populus, Nicola Carraro, Tracy Elizabeth Tisdale-Orr, Ronald Matthew Clouse, Anne Sophie Knöller, and Rachel Spicer


Challenges in predicting the future distributions of invasive plant species, Chad C. Jones

Submissions from 2010


Combining local- and large-scale models to predict the distributions of invasive plant species, Chad C. Jones, Steven A. Acker, and Charles B. Halpern

Submissions from 2009

Dispersal and establishment both limit colonization during primary succession on a glacier foreland, Chad C. Jones and Roger del Moral


Current and potential distributions of three non-native invasive plants in the contiguous USA, Chad C. Jones and Sarah Reichard

Submissions from 2008

Plant succession on gopher mounds in Western Cascade meadows: consequences for species diversity and heterogeneity, Chad C. Jones, Charles B. Halpern, and Jessica Niederer