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Collection of 57 songs composed by Connecticut College students and faculty.

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"During the last few years of college it has become more and more impressed upon the members of the Faculty, the Alumnae and some of the undergraduates of Connecticut that the songs which were so much a part of the college in its early years were slowly but surely slipping from us, as the memory of them became more and more confused. This, we believe, was due to the fact that many of them had never been written down and that the manuscripts of others had been lost.

In this book an attempt has been made to revive these songs. In many cases it was necessary to rewrite the songs and as far as possible the com­poser was asked to do this, in order that they might be as accurate as pos­sible. We particularly ask that the Alumnae keep this in mind for in many cases the song will not be exactly as you remember it.

There has been a particular attempt to omit class songs as we wish this collection to contain songs which will be sung by every succeeding College generation, and to be as useful as possible to all the members of the college group ...

Charlotte Tracy '25
Elizabeth Allen '25
Theodosia Hewlett '26
Madelyn Smith '26
Frances Williams'27
Lucy Norris '28"

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Connecticut College Song Book