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Timo Ovaska

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Frondosin D belongs to a family of natural products called frondosins A-E which were discovered in 1997 from the sea sponge Dysidea frondosa. Frondosins have been the interest of the Ovaska lab and others for their inherent anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and HIV- inhibitory activity. There have been previous syntheses for frondosins A-C by the Ovaska lab but there is currently no reported total synthesis for frondosin D. Two approaches have been developed and attempted by the Ovaska group. Both the A-D B-C and D-C-B-A approaches utalize the tandem 5-exo dig cyclization/Claisen rearrangement methodology developed by the Ovaska group to synthesize the fused 7 membered ring. While no total synthesis of frondosin D has been achieved by the Ovaska lab to date, the lab has generated promising future routes and advanced intermediates from both approaches in order to synthesize frondosin D.

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