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E. Carla Parker-Athill

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Brain development is a complex process that is not fully characterized, and also susceptible to alterations due to exogenous and endogenous effects. These endogenous factors could originate from childhood trauma. Here, we use corticosterone to simulate this effect. We report a cell model that could be used to study the neural differentiation in an undergraduate lab setting, and how we used it to study the effects of glucocorticoids on the neurogenesis process. The effects of glucocorticoids were characterized using neurite outgrowth assay, immunofluorescence, and RT-qPCR. These findings were confirmed using publicly available sequencing datasets. Our findings suggested the inhibition of neurogenesis, and up regulation of the gliogenesis processes with synthetic and endogenous glucocorticoids. This study lays the ground for further mechanistic work on these processes, as the effect of these treatments have been characterized for this cell model.



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