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Initially published in Classical Journal, 2007, p.310-312.

© 2007, The Classical Association of the Middle West and South


“[Andrew M. Riggsby has written] . . . an insightful monograph on the Caesarian portion of the BG [De bello Gallico]. The result will prove useful not only to those interested in Caesar, but also to scholars whose work focuses on the nature of Roman imperialism and ancient ethnography. . . . Caesar in Gaul and Rome demonstrates its author's familiarity with contemporary theoretical perspectives (postcolonialism, semiotics, etc.), yet never seems dogmatic or arcane. [The author] may not single-handedly reverse [negative] scholarly attitudes toward Caesar's commentarii, but his work goes a long way toward demonstrating what can be gleaned from a text normally—and unfortunately—reserved for novice students of Latin.”




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