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The first C3 Summit took place at Connecticut College on March 28-30. Please visit the Summit 2014 page for details!

The C3 Summit, hosted by a different LADO college each year, brings together underrepresented students from LADO institutions and 20 pre- or post-doctoral candidates from UC Berkeley and Columbia University.

The undergraduate participants are juniors or seniors with an interest in academic careers in higher education and public service. Before and after the summit, they work with faculty to build their capacities to make maximum use of the summit as a developmental and networking opportunity, as well as to cultivate their networking and leadership capabilities on their own campuses.

The summit provides structured and informal time for the undergraduates to network with the graduate students to learn about their academic backgrounds, their current research, and the challenges they face in the university environment.

The summit also allows academic officers from LADO schools to meet with attending UC Berkeley and Columbia graduate students to provide feedback on presentations of dissertations/research papers according to the research and teaching purposes of liberal arts colleges, and discuss current employment opportunities at LADO member institutions.

The Center for Institutional and Social Change facilitates opportunities for participating institutions to gather and share information, tools, and best practices for recruiting, selecting and supporting diverse faculty at liberal arts colleges and diverse graduate students in research universities.

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