Howard Gordon

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Spring 5-19-2013


Emmy-winning television writer and producer Howard Gordon told the Class of 2013," The fictional characters I create live in the same crazy, complicated world as the rest of us. How they navigate through the world is what makes them compelling. How you navigate your way through the world is what will make your story compelling.”

The best way to do it, he told the Class of 2013, is to heed the sage words of advice printed on the poster in his office: “Work hard and be nice to people.”

He apologized for "what may sound like fortune-cookie philosophy," but said the seven-word sentence inspires him every day.

Working hard will not guarantee success, he told the graduates, “But I have yet to meet a successful person who hasn’t worked hard.” Being nice, he added, is in many ways about listening to others. “Listening takes practice, and it takes patience. But I promise, if you listen, your story will be better for it.”



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