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Rachel Boggia

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Performance Program -Mara Honors Thesis.pdf (24 kB)
Performance Program

Honors Thesis Performance Poster_Mara Senecal-Albrecht.png (1505 kB)
Performance Poster

Performance_photographs.pdf (443 kB)
Performance Photographs

dance_lineage_illustrations.pdf (6509 kB)
Dance Lineage Illustrations

Show1_WideShot_480.m4v (112021 kB)
Show 1, Wide Shot

Show1_ZoomWide_AboveView-001.m4v (112045 kB)
Show 1, Above View

Show2_Wideshot-002_480.m4v (131903 kB)
Show 2, Wide Shot

Show2_CloseShot_SideView-004_480.m4v (156892 kB)
Show 2, Side View

Digital journal entry 1, October 11th.m4a (4831 kB)
Digital Journal Entry 1, October 11, 2020

Digital journal entry 2, October 18th.m4a (5797 kB)
Digital Journal Entry 2, October 18, 2020

Digital journal entry 3, October 25th.m4a (6005 kB)
Digital Journal Entry 3, October 25, 2020

Digital journal entry 5 - Nov 1st.m4a (8248 kB)
Digital Journal Entry 5, November 1, 2020

Copy of Post Dinner Discussion -February 17 .m4a (2528 kB)
Post-Dinner Discussion, February 17, 2021

Post rehearsal reflection -March 7th .m4a (2524 kB)
Post-Rehearsal Reflection, March 7, 2021

Post rehearsal reflection -April 4th.m4a (3236 kB)
Post Rehearsal Reflection, April 4, 2021

Show1_allcampus_TalkBack_64.m4a (11765 kB)
Post Performance All-Campus Discussion

Show2_StudentsOnly_TalkBack_64.m4a (13476 kB)
Post Performance Student Discussion

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