Government and International Relations Honors Papers

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Honors Paper


William Rose

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This thesis examines the complex, interdisciplinary nature of counterinsurgency in the 21st century by assessing the whole-of-government, population-centric approach that the Dutch Armed Forces and Government took to combat the Taliban in Uruzagn, Afghanistan from 1 August 2006 to 1 August 2010. The Dutch approach resulted in increased security, as well as increased political and economic capacity in the three districts of Uruzgan where they focused their efforts. By the end of Task Force Uruzgan, the Government of Afghanistan had increased its majority control from 0 percent of the population to approximately 60 percent, and the Afghan National Security Forces were in a better position to combat to the Taliban after the Dutch withdrew from the province. Overall, the Dutch approach to counterinsurgency made a significant positive impact on the security structure in Uruzgan.



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