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Research has shown that with the proper protective factors, many individuals can remain resilient in even in the face of adversity. This exploratory study investigated the factors promoting resiliency in relation to students of color and their journey to and acclimation to Connecticut College, a small, liberal arts college compromised of students who are predominantly white, from middle to upper class backgrounds in South-East Connecticut. Participants were interviewed based on the Masten and Coatsworth (1998) model of resiliency (n = 6). Interviews were coded for themes with an .81 inter-rater reliability rate. When analyzed, findings indicated that the participant’s individual attributes, parental support, social support, high school support, and pre-college programs were major factors in resiliency for these students of color. However, students were also inclined to share struggles they faced particularly with identity. Future research should use a larger participant pool and focus on the effectiveness of pre-college programs.



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