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Internship Reflection Cover Sheet 2020

Date: 7 / 7 / 2020

Last Name: Volk First Name: Gretchen __Pre-Law ____Pre-Business ___Pre-Health

Career Adviser: Lori Balantic Center (C@T, CISLA, GNCE, PICA, Other-Specify, None): SJS Pathway

Class Year: 2021 Major/s/Minor/Pathway: Environmental Studies and Sociology, SJS Pathway

Internship Field: Gov, Law, and IR Organization Type: Non profit

Internship Organization Name: TurnUp Activism

Intern Position Title: Chief of Staff

Location (City, State, COUNTRY): Remote

Alumni Sponsored? Name of Alum and class year if yes: N/A

Alumni Supervised? Name of Alum/year if yes: N/A

Brief description of the organization where you interned:

TurnUp Activism is an amazing non-profit tech startup for social change and activism. They are developing an application to promote activism and voter turnout.

Brief description of your responsibilities:

I was originally a team leader at TurnUp, but I later got promoted to East Coast Regional Director then Chief of Staff. Some responsibilities include the following: managing executive leaders, holding regular individual and group meetings, interviewing and on boarding new leaders, daily troubleshooting of issues, and occasionally creating various templates and applications.

Were you offered a full-time job through this internship? If yes, did you accept it? Explain and describe post-internship opportunities/offerings: Did you receive a firm job offer? Were you offered any networking opportunities? What sort of future opportunities (i.e. internship? job shadowing opportunity?) were established through this internship?

No, I was not offered a full-time job through this internship, but I could have continued working with them throughout the school year. Given that it is my senior year and I was working around 40 hours per week, I thought it would be too much for me to do.

Would you recommend this internship to another CC student? Explain your referral or not, and rank recommendation-level: highly recommend, medium, moderate, low, none:

I would definitely (highly) recommend this internship to another CC student. There are so many amazing opportunities to be had within this organization.

Type of internship reflection have you completed (eg. Written paper, PowerPoint presentation, Poster, Other-describe):


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