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Treatment Innovations is a female-owned mental health company created by Lisa M. Najavits, PhD. This company was developed in response to the need for research and counseling methods surrounding co-occurring trauma, addiction, and related problems. Lisa’s counseling model, Seeking Safety, is a major aspect of the work that is done at Treatment Innovations. Surrounding this model and related ones, we work to organize trainings and outreach programs to other clinicians, develop research projects that empirically test its effectiveness, as well as provide consultation and resources to those interested in the model. As a research assistant, I developed and maintained current and upcoming studies. I primarily worked on a study focusing on the effectiveness of Seeking Safety for problem gambling and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This mainly consisted of clinical interviewing, meaning I had the opportunity to reach out to participants, schedule times for phone interviews, and administer the correct psychological assessments for that study point. Additionally, I also helped Lisa get feedback for a mindfulness app by interviewing licensed clinicians. I also helped with some marketing tasks including creating a newsletter, managing social media accounts, and developing social media posts relating to mental health. Finally, I also worked on some brainstorming for a new study on Lisa’s self-help book including gathering applicable measures, writing IRB proposal drafts, and organizing important study details.


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