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Virtually assisted in a summer capacity in Providing defense services for federal criminal cases and related matters in the federal court in order to provide quality, legal representation to indigent defendants. Works with legal counsel investigating allegations of suspected violations of Federal criminal statues in the District of Maryland, including death eligible cases. Plans and conducts complete criminal investigations; develops sentencing mitigation for proceedings. Locates, obtains, reviews, analyzes and summarizes relevant records. Researches and collects records to obtain facts. Conducts oral and written interviews, extensive background checks. Takes crime scene photos, draws diagrams, canvasses and takes measurements. Writes detailed reports of interviews; data enters running records of case activity; keeps accurate records of all phases of the investigation. Reports facts accurately in a concise, logical, and professional manner. Serves subpoenas, transports and coordinates witnesses, testifies in court, attends court proceedings, and creates demonstrative exhibits for court.


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