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Finding an internship during COVID-19 was difficult, although numerous positions were accommodating for students. The FACE Lab at Emerson College is a laboratory that is focused on studying and educating others about how adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may understand and/or produce speech and facial expressions differently than their peers who are considered neurotypical. The FACE Lab has conducted numerous studies regarding how adolescents with ASD describe objects and videos and how they interact in conversations with peers or research assistants. This summer, I coded data for a project for the FACE Lab’s partner lab at SUNY Fredonia. Through this project, I transcribed and coded videos where an adolescent would watch two videos and then was asked to describe these videos to research assistants who had never seen the videos. I coded the transcriptions for a multitude of participants and helped my team devise a system that would help search the previous transcriptions for errors or discrepancies before the coding was done. The words that the participants used to address the video contents were coded by parts of speech and whether or not these references were clear or confusing. Overall, this internship allowed me to build new skills regarding processing data in a team setting virtually and hone in my own understanding of ASD and computer technology skills.


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