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Internship Reflection Cover Sheet 2020

Date: 9/13/2020

Last Name: Degenhardt First Name: Thomas __Pre-Law ____Pre-Business ___Pre-Health

Career Adviser: Lori Balantic Center or Pathway: Eye of the Mind Pathway

Class Year: 2021 Major/s/Minor: Philosophy

Internship Field: Nonprofit Sector Organization Type: 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization

Internship Organization Name: Youth Full Maine

Intern Position Title: Intern

Location (City, State, COUNTRY): Biddeford, Maine, USA (I worked remotely from my residence in Freeport, Maine)

Alumni Sponsored? Name of Alum and class year if yes:

Alumni Supervised? Name of Alum/year if yes:

Brief description of the organization where you interned:

Youth Full Maine is a recently founded non-profit dedicated to combating food insecurity among k-12 students and their families in Southern Maine.

Brief description of your responsibilities:

I was (under appropriate supervision) the point person for the organization’s application for 501c(3) nonprofit status, and I worked on the organization’s conflict of interest policy and their application for registration of the organization’s name as a trade mark in Maine.

Were you offered a full-time job through this internship? If yes, did you accept it? Explain and describe post-internship opportunities/offerings: Did you receive a firm job offer? Were you offered any networking opportunities? What sort of future opportunities (i.e. internship? job shadowing opportunity?) were established through this internship?

I was offered future paid work but, not in the form of permanent employment in a specific position. The internship also added new nodes to my professional network that will come in handy should I choose to remain in Maine.

Would you recommend this internship to another CC student? Explain your referral or not, and rank recommendation-level: highly recommend, medium, moderate, low, none: While I have nothing but good things to say about the organization and my experience there, this internship was created ad hoc due to my particular interests coinciding with this organizations particular needs. Due to this lack of replicability, I don’t think I can “recommend” this particular internship experience, as one might a traditional recurring internship.

Type of internship reflection have you completed (e.g. Written paper, PowerPoint presentation, Poster, Other-describe):

Written Paper

Please note, the Hale Center for Career Development may use all or part of your reflection paper/project to provide information about your internship and the Funded Internship Program. The reflection that you are required to post at Connecticut College Digital Commons website will be shared with only the college community (students, faculty, administration and others). Contact your Career Adviser with questions.


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