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During the summer of 2020, I interned for Higher Ground Education with the Guidepost Montessori and Guidepost at Home teams. Higher Ground Education aims at modernizing Montessori Education internationally.

As a Guidepost at Home Intern, I worked on the development of a new program that brought Montessori Education into home environments during the time of COVID-19. The company employees were not only kind, but wanted to make sure that I received as much experience as possible. Due to this goal, I was able to work with hiring, marketing, and prepared environments/procurement.

Some of my work included being a hiring manager for potential in-home guides in New York, New Jersey, Northern Virginia, and a few other locations when needed. I also helped update new family enrollment in the Childcare CRM, order materials for schools and homes with the prepared environment team, create blog posts for our website, and create step by step guides for usage of company programs. Overall, I was able to learn about Montessori Education, and incorporate some of these principles into my personal teaching/learning philosophy.


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