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At the Connecticut College Children's Development Program, my role was to collaborate with the assistant director to prepare for their upcoming NAEYC accreditation. I spent my time looking through their policies in the parent and staff handbooks to make sure that each of the NAEYC standards was met within the handbooks. If they were missing, it was my job to alert the director to make sure that they will be changed before the NAEYC accreditation meetings. Halfway through the internship, the NAEYC accreditation assessor came to check in on the progress we were making, and from there, we were able to take her notes and adjust the handbooks and policies to meet all the standards.

At Lyman Allyn, as an intern, I assisted the director of education in both preparing for private lessons at the museum and helping with outreach programs. I was able to spend time at the museum while also spending time in New London and Waterford. At the schools, I taught classes to summer program students. I was in charge of setting up a classroom and supervising the children while they were in my classroom. It was very engaging and fun! In the museum, I assisted with private lessons, prepped for future weeks, helped create the fall homeschool, take home art program, and create work based on a variety of well-known artists so the children had example projects.


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