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Eat to Thrive (ETT)/Real Kids Real Food (RKRF) are 10 week long courses aimed at preventing obesity, chronic disease, and malnutrition through education regarding a plant-based diet. Meet with the Director of ETT/RKRF, Betsy Bragg, and a co-counselor each week to create and go over lesson plans for the week. Lesson plans were created through Google Slides and included information about what “real” food is and its health benefits. Throughout the summer topics such as eating locally, growing your own food, and how fiber, healthy fats, healthy sugars, drinking plenty of water and more can benefit people’s lives. On Saturday mornings from 9:45-11 AM, my co-counselor and I would teach 3-6-year-old participants about this healthy lifestyle. We would go through mindfulness activities, an active activity, such as yoga, teach the students about some of the mentioned above topics, and we would also prepare a meal with the students, such as applesauce or lemon Italian ice.


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