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As a premier contemporary art gallery in New London, CT, The Catherine Fosnot Art Gallery and Center promotes and showcases the work of a variety of artists. Situated between Boston and New York, it provides the work of new and emerging artists alongside classic, well-established pieces. By providing a space in which to display their latest works, artists appreciate the gallery’s role in sharing their creative aspirations with a wider audience.

As Assistant Curator, I curated, promoted, sold, hung, and moved the artwork that we featured in the gallery throughout the summer. I was entirely responsible for publishing all artworks on our online platform via Artsy. I made virtual shows and viewing rooms on this platform that are visible worldwide. I learned how to sell works, whether it was establishing connections with well-known art collectors or advertising the works through social media. I was entirely responsible for running our Instagram account. I traveled to various parts of New England to pick up artworks from artist studios and return the ones that did not sell. I hung the shows and took them down. I packaged works that were sold and shipped them to their respective collectors.


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