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Song and Chorus Copyright, 1882, by W.A. Evans & Bros. - 3

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1. She is waiting for my coming, As she has so oft before,

Underneath the dewy roses, By the little cottage door,

There are many fond caresses. And a welcome sweet for me,

When I trip the meadow over, To my blue-eyed Bessie Lee.


She is waiting for my coming, She is watching there for me,

And I'm going gay and happy, To my blue-eyed Bessie Lee.

2. She is fairer than the lily, Just the sweetest flow'r that grows,

She has cheeks that even rival, Ev'ry crimson tinted rose,

And her voice is like the song birds, As they warble in their glee,

Oh! there is no other maiden, Like my blue-eyed Bessie Lee.

3. When I reach that little cottage, And she smiles on me in pride,

I will whisper sweetest stories, As I linger by her side,

I will picture fairest visions, Of the golden days to be,

When I win in joy and gladness, My own blue-eyed Bessie Lee.

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