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And Then

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Words by Alfred Bryan
Music by Herman Paley
Introduced in Vaudeville with phenomenal success by Bessie Wynn

Copyright, 1913, by Paley Music Co., 145 W 45th St. N.Y.
International Copyright Secured

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If I take you in my confidence and tell you something new,
Be a mason girls, and don't repeat;
Honest I can keep a secret but the ones I tell it to,
Always tell it to each one they meet.
I met a chap who fell in love with me,
I fell in love with him;
He saw me home last evening all alone,
Of course I asked him to come in.
Oh! joy! Some Boy!

First We had a talk and then,
We sat by the fire and then,
It was getting warm and so,
We drew are chairs away from the fire side glow.
Mother said: "Good night" and then,
We turned down the light and then,
We cuddled close together, and we talked about the weather,
Yes we did. (Yes we did!) not then.

Now the part that's interesting I will tell you one and all,
But it must be on the strict Q.T.
First we took the Foxy parrot out and locked him in the hall,
'cause he told some tales before on me.
We waited till the folks had gone to sleep,
The clock struck half-past ten;
He said: "My Dear, I'm glad no one can hear,"
he placed his hand in mine and then.
Oh, then! What Then!
(to Chorus)



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