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James B. Taylor

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Sparkling & Bright, a much admired Glee.

Music Composed & arranged for the Piano Forte by James B. Taylor.

New York, Firth & Hall, 1 Franklin Square.

[First Solo]
Sparkling and bright, in liquid light,
Does the wine our goblets gleam in,
With hue as red, as the rosy bed,
Which a bee would choose to dream in.

[Refrain-sung twice in a row]
[Primo, Secondo, Bass]
Then drink to the night with hearts as light,
To love as gay and fleeting,
As bubbles that swim, on the beaker's brim,
And break on the lips while meeting.

[Second Solo]
Oh! if mirth might arrest the flight
Of time, through lifes dominions,
We here awhile, would now beguile
The grey beard of his pinions.
Then drink to night &c.


[Third Solo]
But since delight can't stop the wight,
Nor found regret delay him,
Nor love himself, can hold the elf
Nor sober friendship stay him.
Then drink to night &c.




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