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To Mrs. Dr. A.A. Lulkins

Ergott, Forbringer & Co., Lith, Cincinatti

New York, Published by JL Peters, 198 Broadway; Cincinatti, JJ Dobmeyer and Co..; Chicago, DeMotte Bros; Galveston, T Goggan; St.Louis, JJ Dobmeyer and Co

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When wand'ring feet have weary grown,
And clouds make dim our way;
All our dearest hopes are flown,
And darkly looms the day:
The blest assurance O! how sweet,
Amid this world of dross,
Where ever stray our weary feet:
"No crown without the cross!"
No crown,
"No crown without the cross!"

Oh! Gentle balm for ev'ry grief,
Oh! fountain of our love!

He may my spirit find relief
While in the gloom I rove,
Lo! Softly falls upon my ear,
Amid my pain and loss,
The watchword quelling ev'ry fear;
"No crown without the cross!"
No crown,
"No crown without the cross!"

So bear thy burden, weary one,
The toil will soon be oe'r;
Your longing eyes their weeping done-
Shall see the golden shore!
How fair the blessing after pain!
The gain for ev'ry loss!
In life and death in sun and rain:
"No crown without the cross!"
"No Crown, No crown, without the cross!"



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