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Soft Glides the Sea, Bounding and Free.

Cavatina sung by Miss Hughes

The words written by Mrs. Eliza Walker,

Music Composed by George James Webb

Boston. Published by C. Bradlee 164 Washington St.

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Soft glides the sea bounding and free,
Dance the blue waves as they rush to the shore;
O'er vale and height gleams the moon bright,
Gaily the mariner plies the swift oar,
Singing awhile Ere the sun light the main
Ere the sun lights the main
Land, land of of my birth I shall greet thee
shall greet thee again.
Land of my birth I shall greet thee
shall greet thee again.
Night wears away
Sullen and gray
Frowns the dark sea
O'er the wild restless deep
Lightnings red flash
Thunder's loud crash
Now quiver and peal
Go, mariner weep.
Haply I deem tho' the sun lights the main
Its rays to thy land shall not greet thee again
shall not greet thee again.
Tempests are fled
Morning hath shed
Light from her eye,
And balm from her breath
All things rejoice
Heard in the voice of the
Mariner now singing praises of home.
The ship's gallant prow presses on through the main
And he trod on the land of his Father's again
of his Father's again,
of his Father's again.



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