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Tango Glide

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Tango Glide

Words by George Wegener

Music by Henry F. Cleary

Chicago: Ellis & Company (1913)

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[Verse 1]

Little Nancy Green and handsome Harry Brown,
Could be found at ev’ry Tango ball in town,
They were there from start until the ve’ry end
They had ‘evry twist and bend
First they’d make a bow and skip the double twirl,
Then they’d Tango round and then another whirl,
And when the orchestra began to play Nancy Green would softly say:


Oh won’t you please play that Tango glide,
That very name Tango makes my feet slide,
I want to twirl,
I want to whirl,
Oh it is a daisy,
Gee, it sets me crazy.
Oh! Oh! That music is simply grand.
When it is play’s I can hardly stand,
Play it your best don’t dare to rest.
Oh, it’s tantalizing,
It’s just hypnotizing,
When we do that Tango Glide.

[Verse 2]

When it comes to dancing that great Tango Dance,
Take a tip from me and leave the rest to Nance,
She would glide across that waxed and polished floor.
Saying “let us twirl some more”
All the other couples would keep watching her step,
Whit this murmur on their lips “We’ll get that yet,”
And all those dancers present at the ball
They would yell now one and all:




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