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Teach Me to Be a Brave Solider

(One Like My Daddy Is Now)

Words and Music by Kerry Mills

New York: Kerry Mills Inc. (1918)

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[Verse 1]
They had sent him to school for the first time,
Mama’s joy Daddy’s boy,
And the teacher had said when she kissed him,
Hippy hoy, Little toy,
“My fine little man
Tell me if you can
Just what I may do for you.”

Teach me to be a brave solider,
One like my Daddy is now,
Soon you will see
Uncle Sam proud of me
And I’ll much prouder be
With a sword on my shoulder.
Last night I heard Mama saying
To Daddy while she was praying,
That someone told her God loves a brave solider,
So I’ll be a solider too.

[Verse 2]
When the first day of school was all over,
Running home All alone,
And the little tot told to his mama,
What was done;
Oh such fun,
“And teacher asked me
What I’d like to be
So this is just what I told her.”




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