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Tears Tell

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Tears Tell (The Story to Me)

Words and Music by C. And F. Wilson

New York: A. J. Stasny Music (1919)

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[Verse 1]
My thoughts turn back to you sweetheart,
My dreams are all of you
Why was it that we two should part?
I’m sure I never knew
Your love was all my own sweetheart
For ever and for aye
Why was it that we should depart
When tears said we should stay.

Tears tell the story to me, dear,
Tears that I kissed away
Love will not die so why try.
Love is that same always
Tears tell the story to me, dear,
altho’ my love you denied
Tears never lied so I’ll abide,
Tears tell the story to me.

[Verse 2]
Your lips may lie but still you’ll sigh,
When I have gone away
You e’en may trick me with your eye
Or lead my feet a stray
But love you can’t deny sweetheart
For something tells me true
Those teardrops in your eye sweetheart
Say I belong to you.




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