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Tennessee Moon

Words by Jack Mahoney

Music by Percy Wenrich

New York: The Wenrich-Howard Co. (1913)

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[Verse 1]
Mister moon I’ve introduced you to my turtle dove,
Now why don’t you move along while we are making love,
Don’t you linger longer,
Two is company,
My love’s growing stronger
Leave my gal and me,
Shine on Dixie but please stay away from Tennessee,

Roll on lazy Tennessee Moon,
How my heart is pining,
Just because you’re shining
Won’t you roll on don’t be hanging around,
I want to spoon,
Hide behind a cloud while am humming love’s sweet tune,
Come around tomorrow afternoon,
Roll on I’ll be kissing her soon,
Old Tennessee Moon.

[Verse 2]
Whippoorwill is singing in the big Magnolia tree,
Seems his notes are blending in my song of harmony,
I’ve been lonely waiting,
For a chance like this,
While I’m celebrating
Moonlight spoils my bliss,
Won’t you kindly have an eclipse while I steal a kiss,



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