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That College Rag

Words by Harry porter

Music by Albert Von Tilzer

New York: The York Music Co. (1911)

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[Verse 1]
Jump into a Taxi and we’ll ride away,
Where to go? Why some Café
They have singers there who make a real real noise
Please the boys?
Well you can bet your bottom dollar
Pretty soon the fellows will begin to burn
Midnight Oil?
No! All their coin!
Something seems to rouse them, what is that I hear?
Grizzly Bear?
No not sung there!
Listen here!
Listen here!
And this is what you’ll hear:

That College Rag
Why they never let the Music drag,
Just hear those fellows roar, throats are sore;
The freshman tries to mingle with the Sophomore;
They all hang ‘round,
Till the morning dew is on the ground
“For it is always fair weather, if all fellows stand together”
They rush pell mell, they give their yell
Rah! Rah!
Sis! Boom! Ah!
That College Rag!

[Verse 2]
Bet you never heard a song like that before,
Like it?
Sure! Yes want some more?
Tell the leader man you want it played again
Just say when and he will play with lots of ginger
Get your voice in trim to sing the
Chorus’ loud with the crowd
Yes! Don’t be proud!
If you hav’n’t got a voice, just hum it low!
If you have we’ll, let ‘er go!
Hear them shout
Hear them roar
They just want more and more.




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