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That Girl of Mine

By Will A. Dillon, Harry Tobias, and Arthur Lange

New York: Joe Morris Music Co. (1916)

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[Verse 1]
Let me take you back once more to the good old days of yore.
I can see my little sweet heart, the girl whom I adore.
All my love I’m goin’ to save for the only one I crave;
She won my heart right from the start and now it won’t behave.

That girl of mine, oh how I love her,
That girl of mine I’m dreaming of her
Tho’ she’s many miles away,
I’m with her ev’ry day
In memo’ry and love so fond and true.
That girl of mine, oh how I miss her
And how my heart for her does pine.
I’ve been a good old rover, but I’ll turn the world right over,
For that girl of mine.
That girl of mine.

[Verse 2]
I’ve got ev’ry precious note that my little sweetheart wrote.
When we floated down the river on Dads old fishing boat.
Though the years have sped away I write to her most ev’ry day,
And very soon a wedding tune you’ll hear the organ play.




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