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That Tango Tokio Song

Words by Al Bryan

Music by Jack Wells

New York: Jerome H. Remick & Co. (1913)

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[Verse 1]
Way out West, all over the golden gate,
They’ve a tango, gee, but it’s simply great!
Oh! oh! oh! oh! it’s the nicest tune, I know,
It is called the Japanese glide away;
You should see those Japanese slide away,
When they play it, ev’rybody starts to sway it:

Oh, oh, you Jap, little Jap, little Jap, little Japanese!
Oh, oh, you cute little yap, little yap, little yapanese!
How we live to see you prance,
When they play that tango dance;
It just puts us in a trance
Oh, pinky panky poo, pinky panky poo!
Oh, oh, you sly little, sly little, sly little Japaneses!
You are a fly little, fly little, fly little Japanese!
Tho’ you sometimes make us mad, If you want to make us glad,
Do that teasing Tango Tokio.

[Verse 2]
When you hear that Tokio Tango tune,
You’ll go dip, dip, dippy and pretty soon
You’ll start swaying, just like this and just like that;
You’ll imagine you are in Tokio,
You will go clean clean off your kokio,
If you know it, all day long you’d want to do it:



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