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The Wonderful Dengoza Strain

Words by William Jerome

Music by Abner Greenberg

New York: Jerome H. Remick & Co. (1914)

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[Verse 1]
What’s that familiar tune they’re playing,
You hear in ev’ry cabaret;
That tune that sets your heart a swaying
Haunts you at night and in the day
Daddy’s teaching Clarice How to do the Maxie!

Oh that wonderful strain!
Oh the dreamy refrain!
From ‘Frisco to Maine, it just plays tag with your brain!
It’s such a teasing, squeezing, pleasing, little wonderful thing,
And once you hear it you can’t help but sing
La la la,
Tra la la!
Ev’ry Tango instructor,
Ev’ry streetcar conductor,
Does a motion like the ocean to this tune from Brazil,
That wonderful Dengoza Strain!

[Verse 2]
Ma hums it when she sets the table,
John sings it on his way to school,
Grandma tried hard but was not able,
Grandpa keeps acting like a fool
Even Bridget, the cook,
Bought the Castle’s new book!



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