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There is Music in the Voice We Love

Music and Words by Elmar Ruan Cotaes Esq.

Philadelphia: Lee & Walker (1855)

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[Verse 1]
There’s music in the plaintive lute
When stealing o’er a moonlit sea,
There’s music in the mellow flute,
When filled with mournful melody:
But there are notes far sweeter still,
More tender than the cooing dove,
Resplendent joys our bosoms fill,
When list’ning to the voices we love.
Should sorrow and sadness fill with dismay,
When woe’s thrilling madness wears us away.
‘Tis then we woo those witching sounds,
Harmonious with the spheres above
That ‘neath the skies cannot be found,
Save in the gentle voice we love.

[Verse 2]
The sailor hums some ocean air,
The trav’ler hears the convent chime,
The solider mindful of his fair,
Now vents his soul in lyric rhyme.
But all select the tender strain
Companions for the moments lone,
The notes that soothe their racking pains,
When tuned by lips they love at home.

[Verse 3]
Should fate wash our pillows
With tears of grief;
When life’s heaving billows
Waft no relief.
‘Tis then we woo those silver sounds,
Harmonious with the sphere above,
‘Tis then ah! Then the truth is found
That music fills the voice we love.


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