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There’s A Million Heroes in Each Corner of the U.S.A.

Words by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young

Music by Maurice Abrahams

New York: Kalmar, Puck & Abrahams Consolidated Inc. (1917)

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[Verse 1]
Virginia gave us Washington, way back in Sev’nty six
Kentucky gave us Lincoln when our boys were in a fix
Ohio gave us Grant and Dixie gave us Lee
They fought it out and patched it up and made our history
If you asked Uncle Sammy who could take their place today
He’d rub his chin and with a grin he’d answer in this way.

There’s a million heroes in each corner of the U.S.A.
In cities and farms
They’ve taken up arms
The East and West have sent their best the rest are coming from the land of cotton You can bank on ev’ry loyal
Yank to fight till the end of the fray
When danger threatens they all rally ‘round
That’s why the flag has never touched the ground
There’s a million heroes in each corner of the U.S.A.

[Verse 2]
Columbus found America the home of peace and rest
And Betsy Ross she found a flag to stand each battle test
Tho’ heroes of the past have laid away the gun
Their spirits live within the hearts of ev’ry native son
Our flag is just as clean today as when it first was made each stripe and star a battle scar and still I’m not afraid.




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