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The braes o' Balquhither. A favorite Scotch ballad. With symphonies & accompaniments for the piano forte composed by John Davies. New York, published by Dubois & Stodart at their Piano Forte & Music Store, No. 126 Broadway.

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Let us go Lassie,
To the Braes o'Balquhither where the blae berries grow,
Mang the bonnie highland heather,
Where the deer and the rare lightly bounding together,
Sport the lang simmer day,
On the braes o' Balquhither;
Let us go Lassie to the braes o' Balquhither,
Where the blae berries grow mang the bonnie highland heather.

I will twine thee a bow'r,
By the clear siller fountain,
And I'll cover it o'er,
Wi' the flow'rs o' the mountain;
I'll range thro' the wilds,
And the steep glens sae freary,
And return wi' their spoils,
To the bow'r o' my dearie.

While the lads o' the south,
Toil for bare war'ly treasure,
To the lads o' the North,
Ev'ry day brings its pleasure;
Tho' simple are the joys,
The brave Highlander possesses,
Yet he feels no annoys,
For he fears no distresses.

When the rude wintry win',
Idly raves round his dwelling,
And the roar of the linn,
ON the night breeze is swelling;
Then so merrily he'll sing,
As the storm rattles o'er him,
Till the dear sheeling ring,
Wi' the light lilting Jorum.

Now the simmer is in prime,
Wi' the flow'rs richly blooming,
And the wild mountain thyme,
A' the moorlands perfuming;
TO our dear native scenes,
Let us journey together,
Where glad innocence reigns,
'Mang the braes o' Balquhither.



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