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They Start the Victrola

(And Go Dancing Around the Floor)

Words by Grant Clarke

Music by Maurice Abrahams

New York: Maurice Abrahams Music Co. (1914)

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[Verse 1]
I know a couple in full dress and down,
Who used to go to the parties in town,
But he got jealous of all the fellows,
She looked so pretty, they kept crowding around.
He said I’ll fool them,
Ha, ha, with a laugh,
He went and bought her a cute phonograph,
With that Victrola home,
They never have to roam,
First he gets her all alone.

Then they start the Victrola, the little Victrola,
And up comes the rug from the floor,
At no more parties are they to be found,
He likes to have her where no one’s around.
That’s why he bought the Victrola, the little Victrola,
They never go out anymore,
And after dancing she’d be all out of breath
He loves to take her and hug her to death
Then they start the Victrola, the little Victrola,
And go dancing around the floor.

[Verse 2]
Sometimes he doesn’t roll home until three,
She sits there waiting as mad as can be,
Then grabs his collar, and start in to holler,
Guess you’re forgetting that you’re no longer free.
She says now dearie, you’re wasting your lies.
Cut out that innocent look in your eyes
Just like a silly goose
He hasn’t one excuse,
Then they both say what’s the use.



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